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If you had your preference, you would probably have a mapped out plan for everything.  In your work and in your personal life, you like to know what to expect so that you can keep things under control.

You may be trying to do that with a special endeavor, but the circumstances keep changing and it’s hard to say on top of everything.

Never give up, but sometimes you do not have a choice.  Yet, success with any endeavor  is more about being adaptable and willing to compromise.

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Make a Difference


Can you change the world?

You may want to make some change in your community or even in the world.  This may seem like a monumental task.  Can one person make a difference?  The answer is yes!

When you are determined and driven, someone can.  Set your mind on something, nothing will stop you.

Don’t look at a goal as a big and imposing effort.  Take small steps one day at a time.

Before long, you will be stunned by how much can be accomplished.


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Focus on The Positive


After watching the the evening news on any given day, it would be easy to come away believing that the world has never been worse.

We hear about violence and cruelty and dishonesty, and we can’t imagine how things could ever change for the better when things are so far gone.

Throughout history, though, people have made observations of that kind.  It’s easy to do when you stare at a TV  screen that is filled with negative stories.

However, if you turn your focus to the more positive things that are happening around, you will start to  tune in to them automatically, and your life will be better because of it.


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Much Ado About Nothing


An old misunderstanding  may arise, causing a lot of upheaval and trouble than it is worth.

You can take on the battle and debate the topic passionately, but what would be the point?

The problem has arisen out of miscommunication, and it really could be easily rectified.

Don’t become defensive.

Do not let this person make you feel cornered.

Just explain what should have been more clearly explained in the first place, and this will soon seem like”much ado about nothing”

Really?  No!  Sometimes there are forces at work that will scare even the gentle purest soul.

The quote  by Edmund Burke “For evil men to accomplish their purpose, it is necessary that good men do nothing.” Is a practiced quote everyday.  The man that looses his house by the over mortgaged house by the BANK.  The single parent thrown out by her LANDLORD because she can’t meet her rent.  The poor soul no one liked at work, she had worked her whole life and just when she was ready to retire the new BOSS needs no competition so she fires the trusted employee by creating lies and subterfuges.

There are a lot of stories today going around.  This milieu is not about the new century, but all about the old one with a new face.  We let children starve, we let old people loose everything , we let the sick die all in the name of progress.

War, greed, and self preservation  is the new breed.  Distruction is one step away.  We are not judged by our accomplishments but our actions in the enjoyment of our accomplishment.  One day YOU also will taste the bitterness of the your actions.

“You Reap What You Saw” Galatians 6: 7-9


Role Of A Free Spirit

You would like to play the role of free spirit, but your responsibilities beckon.

You may wake up in a state of mind that  urges you to embark on a carefree day of simply enjoying the world around you, but there is much to do.

You can’t toss aside your obligations, but you can entertain fantasies of a fun day in the very near future.

Find a way to motivate yourself to do what you have to do, and while your’re at it see if you can have some fun in the process.


Open The Window

Open the window.

There is a nice breeze flowing out there.

now pick up all of your worries and troubles, and toss them outside.

The breeze will carry them away, and the sun will stream in through your open window.

You may not think it could be easy to let go of your cares and move beyond them today,

but if you make the choice to do so, and then you follow through in a determined way,

you really can free yourself of a burden you have been carrying.

Even though there is some comfort in the familiarity of it, you will be happier without it.

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Can you relate to a caterpillar who is about to crawl into his cocoon?

There is great transformation, and you feel different discovering  new things about yourself.

You may not yet fully grasps the extraordinary metamorphisis you are about to experience.

Just as a caterpillar doesn’t understand the overwhelming change that is about to take place.

You may be underestimating what you will be capable of.

Enjoy and revel in the experience.

~Lessons for Life


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Faith In The Universe


You may feel disappointed or even disillusioned over hopes not fulfilled.

You may  have poured a lot of energy in believing the best, only to have it crash and burn.

The very creative and imaginative you, probably enjoyed more than a few fantasies about your dreams coming true.

Just having faith in the universe that the best thing will come your way, opens the channels of your desteny.

Move beyond the feelins of disappointment, and start looking forward to a few surprises.